Florence Hotel © Mike Schwartz

Monochrome Prints of the Year

Digital Images of the Year

Hoisting the Spinnaker  © Karen I. Hirsch

2019 Members Annual Competition

Color Prints of the Year

Large Color Print

Small Color Print

Large Monochrome Print

Small Monochrome Print

New Roof at Union Station   © Michael Young

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Dancing with Fire  © Karen I. Hirsch

Legs  © Lionel Jeffers

Special Annual Competitions

George Asai Nature Competition

Peacock  © Terry Jo Tasche



Three Cactus Flowers  © Mike Schwartz

Alex Evanoff Landscape Competition


Egrets  © Terry Jo Tasche


William Kristy Monochrome Competition


Torres del Paine  © Karen I. Hirsch

Photo Essay - Digital

Impressions of Northern Michigan  © Robin Heiss

Looking up © Mike Schwartz

Ore Loader  © Robin Heiss

The Sun’s Glow in the Hall   © Michael Young