Meditation by Charapin Pongtornpipat

Monochrome Prints of the Year

Digital Images of the Year

Luminous Presence by Karen I. Hirsch

2018 Members Annual Competition

Color Prints of the Year

Large Color Print

Small Color Print

Large Monochrome Print

Small Monochrome Print

View from the Shadow by Kaj Ekholm

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Locomotive Engineer by Karen I. Hirsch

Sunset at the Murell's by Sharon Zingery

Special Annual Competitions

George Asai Nature Competition

White Butterfly by Karen I. Hirsch



Looking at the Tree Tops by Bill Sewell

Alex Evanoff Landscape Competition


Sunburst by Karen I. Hirsch


William Kristy Monochrome Competition


Pure Greece by Karen I. Hirsch

Photo Essay

Joie de Vivre at the Pride Parade in Chicago

by Michael Young

Large Color Prints  

First Place - Mike Schwartz

Second Place Tie - Lionel Jeffers

Second Place Tie - Bill Sewell

Top Cumulative Scores for the Year

Small Color Prints  

First Place - Bill Sewell

Second Place - Sharon Zingery

Third Place -  Mike Schwartz

Large Monochrome Prints

First Place Tie - Bill Sewell

Second Place -  Sharon Zingery

Third Place -  Michael Young

Small  Monochrome Prints

First Place -  Sharon Zingery              

Second Place -  Bill Sewell

Robin Heiss - Robin Heiss


First Place -  Sharon Zingery               

Second Place -  Karen I. Hirsch

Third Place - Lionel Jeffers

Full Moon over Sahara by Sara Levinson

Fall in Whitewater by Sharon Zingery

Lakeview Sunset by Sharon Zingery


Old Paris by Bill Sewell