2014 Members Annual Competition

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Doc Kristy Monochrome Award - Print

Chicago by Fred Natkevi

Doc Kristy Monochrome Award - Digital

Dogwood Blossoms by Michael Schwartz

Alex Evanoff Landscape Award

Fire and Ice by Terry Jo Tasche

George Asai Nature Award - Digital

Photo Essay

4th of July at the Chicago History  Museum  by Karen I. HIrsch

Black Crowned Crane by Michael Schwarz

Annual Cumulative Point Winners

1st Place:   Karen I. HIrsch

2nd Place:  Lionel Jeffers

3rd Place:   Terry Jo Tasche

Small Monochrome  Print Category

1st Place:  Charapin Pongtornpipat

2nd Place:  Robin Heiss

3rd Place:  William Sewell

Large Monochrome Print Category

1st Place:  Charapin Pongtornpipat

2nd Place: Mark Moulthrop

3rd Place:  Fred Natkevicius

Small Color Print Category

1st Place:  Michael Schwartz

2nd Place: Charapin Pongtornpipat

3rd Place: William Sewell

Large Color  Print Category

1st Place:  Lionel Jeffers

2nd Place: Michael Schwartz

3rd Place:  Charapin Pongtornpipat

Digital Image Category