Photography of the Music Industry

Paul Natkin

Peter LeGrand

The Art of Photographing the Nude

David Seide

Architectural Photography from Inquiry to Delivery

Jerry Hug

How to Make High Dynamic Range Photos

Marc Hauser  (deceased)

His Portraits and His Passion

Some of Our Previous Presenters

Sandro Miller

Don Smetzer

Paul Elledge

A Photographer and His Work

Art Shay (deceased)

Michael Zajakowski

The Changing Face of Photojournalism

Picture Editor - The Chicago Tribune

The Life and Work of a Photojournalist

Bob Black

Making Editorial Photos with Impact

Steve Grubman (deceased)

Photographing Animals

Jon Scott

Retoucher for the Stars of Photography

Photographer of the Entertainment Industry - Film and Television

The Photographer and His Work

Bailey Donnelly  (deceased)

How to Transform Your Original Images into Award Winning Photos

2014 Photographer of the Year - International Photography Awards


François Robert

Work and Passion

Chris Smith

Out of Chicago

March 23, 2018

Bob Benson

Sharpening Techniques for Your Final Image

Ron Gould

Corporate Photography

April 20, 2018

Alan Cox

George Kuehn

Fine Art Photography: What It Is and How to Do It

Janary 19, 2018

February 16, 2018

Mike Kirkland

Long Exposure Photography

January 11, 2019

Nick Sinnott

Splash Photography

Sheri Sparks

Landscape Photography

March 15, 2019

Karen I. Hirsch

How'd She Do That? Creating Unique Images with Photoshop,

Filters and Apps

March 19, 2018

Jerry Hug

Beginning Videography for Still Photographers

May 17, 2019

Mark Segal

Panos and Drones

November 8, 2019

Nature Photography and Image Optimization

James Klepec

Photographing Zoo Animals

December 20, 2019

Jack Davis

The State of Mobile Photography

January 15 and 20, 2021

Dan Hill

The Art of First Blush

September 11, 2020

Lisa Langell

The New Nature Photography - Trends for the Future

October 23, 2020

Deborah Bohren

Travel Photography - The Art and Science of Abstraction

February 12, 2021

Valda Bailey

Photographic Impressionism

March 19, 2021

Jack Davis

The Power and Simplicity of Photographic Overlays

April 23, 2021

Develop Mode Lifesavers in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw

May 22, 2021


Peter Turnley

Moments in the Human Condition

June 17, 2021

Lou Jone

Designing Your Life

October 15, 2021

Robert Farber

A 50 Year Journey through the Fine Art and Commercial Career of Robert Farber

January 22,  2022

Seth Resnick

It is Not What Your Images Are Of - But Rather What they Are About

March 11,  2022

Howard Schatz

An Evening with Howard Schatz

November 4,  2022